Async Event Documentation

The documentation for Labrador Async Event so that you can emit and listen to events triggered by Labrador, your Application, or 3rd-party Plugins. Async Event is a powerful, yet simple, event emitter that enables listeners to execute within context of a running Loop.


You should install Labrador packages through Composer.

composer require cspray/labrador-async-event

Quick Start

To get started with Async Event first you must have a solid understanding of your domain and knowledge on when and for what reason events should be emitted. Once that’s done, which is really the hard part of this endeavor, you can start registering listeners and emitting events with ease. Let’s assume that we have a User authentication system and we want to emit an event when a User registers.

For the most basic use case this is all there is to it. If you’d like to know more about the functionality provided by the Emitter you should check out the API documentation inside the source code.