Labrador is a suite of asynchronous PHP 7 packages written on top of Amp. Our goal is to design a set of libraries and frameworks that facilitates creating high-performing, well-tested, cleanly-separated applications.


The Core package defines the concepts under which all Labrador applications operate. This repository defines how Plugins, Applications, and Engines come together to form your app.

Async Event

The Async Event package defines a powerful asynchronous event emitter that runs within Amp’s event loop. Semantic events triggered on a specific target allow for app components to be decoupled.


An HTTP application server written on top of Amp’s http-server library. Intended to provided an opinionated set of software to create highly-performant, spec-compliant RESTful APIs.


An Amp http-server Middleware that enables spec-compliant Cross Origin Resource Sharing. This library can be used with any http-server app and is not dependent on any other package.

Coding Standard

A variation of the PSR2 coding standard that eschews Allman style braces for the OTBS. Provides commands for sniffing Labrador code that must pass before CI goes green.


OSS maintenance is in some ways as important as the code itself. If you want to read over the Code of Conduct or you’d like details for contributing to Labrador this is the repo for you.